Dr. Paul Roberts
Board member, since 1962

Three words that best describe him

Committed to Jesus

What’s his life’s work?

Dr. Paul served as a medical missionary in Ecuador where he founded Hospital Vozandes Quito in 1955. It was there he conducted one of the world’s first studies to test the use of penicillin to treat pinta, a skin disease. In Canada, Dr. Paul joined the Department of Family Medicine in 1968 at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine at Sunnybrook Hospital. During his career, the doctor and humanitarian has received many honours. He was one of a select few given an Ecuador citizenship, he’s a Knight Commander of Ecuador’s Order of Merit, he’s been decorated by the City of Quito as a Distinguished Scientist, he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal and he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity by Trinity College and Seminary in Manipur, India.

What academic work set him up for success?

Dr. Paul earned his first medical doctorate at the University of Toronto and his second from the Universidad Central in Quito, Ecuador.

Interesting tidbit

Dr. Paul has been president and founder of Friends of Ecuador, since 1998. The charitable committee has sent an estimated $1 million in supplies — such as hospital beds, wheelchairs and medical equipment — to the South American nation.