Dr. Paul Roberts
Honorary Advisor, Christian Children's Fund of Canada (CCFC) Board of Directors

Dr. Paul Roberts currently serves as Honorary Advisor on the CCFC Board of Directors, and has served the Board faithfully since 1962. Since then, he has played an extremely important role in shaping the growth of the organization.

From 1949-1960, Dr. Roberts was a medical missionary in Ecuador. While in Ecuador, he founded the Hospital Vozandes Quito, in 1955. He also carried out one of the world’s first studies in the use of penicillin to treat Pinta (a human skin disease endemic to Mexico, Central America, and South America, which is caused by infection with a spirochete.) His efforts to help the people of Ecuador were recognized in 1967 when the government named him the Honorary Consul of Ecuador in Toronto, a position he still holds today. He was also made a Knight Commander of Ecuador’s Order of Merit in 1990. He is the only Canadian to be granted full Ecuadorian citizenship by Presidential Decree.

In Canada, Dr. Roberts joined the Department of Family Medicine in 1968 at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine at Sunnybrook Hospital to share his skills and compassion with new generations of doctors. It was at the University of Toronto that Dr. Roberts earned his first Medical Doctorate in 1947. He earned a second medical doctorate with honours from the Universidad Central, Quito, Ecuador, in 1951. In 2003 Dr. Roberts was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal. In 2008 he was decorated by the City of Quito as a Distinguished Scientist. Dr. Roberts is a lifetime member of the Canadian Medical Association. His publications include the textbook 'Useful Procedures in Medical Practice' (600 pages), published by Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia. His present status is Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. He continues as honorary member of the medical staff, Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto.

He also serves as President of Friends of Ecuador, a not-for-profit Ontario corporation that ships hospital equipment to recognized charities in Ecuador. Since its beginning in 1997 this group has shipped supplies of medicines, hundreds of hospital beds, specialized equipment such as x-rays, 3,000 wheelchairs (with the help of the charity, Free Wheelchair Mission), 4 ambulances, a fire engine, 2 funeral coaches, 71 maritime containers of good used equipment, and three Wheel-Trans buses donated by the TTC, shipped in 2013. All shipments and vehicles carry the inscription 'for the glory of God'.

In 2010, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity by Trinity College and Seminary in Manipur, India.